Fresh Gear forces the ozone with high volume and velocity straight into the gear, penetrating deep into the dense fibers of the padding and hard to reach places like gloves, skates, and elbow pads!
1) Other systems simply pump ozone into a box and hope that the ozone floats into the gear. It usually does a decent job on the outside of the gear but is weak on the inside where the gear makes contact with the skin!

2) Fresh Gear process takes 20 minutes. To sanitize, deodorize and then deplete remaining ozone so that it is safe to open the machine. Protecting the safety of operators, players and the public.

3) Your gear comes out smelling fresh not like medicine or tea tree oil!

4) Our Model C35 system comes standard with the ability to audit usage and upload info remotely over a standard phone line. Thus enabling more creative business opportunities involving 3rd party operators and locations. Know of an ideal location with high demand for our services? Put a machine out there and watch the revenue roll in!