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The foul odors often associated with sports equipment are caused by sweat and mucus that have soaked deep into the fibers of the gear. This mix of proteins and organic matter is an ideal breeding ground for the growth of bacteria, mould, and fungus. This poses a health threat to the player as they can enter the body through cuts and abrasions and cause serious infection.

Professional cleaners such as filthycleaning.com provides an innovative solution to the age-old problem of properly disinfecting and deodorizing sports gear...

    New Drop Zones in Quebec

        March 1st, 2006

    Introducing Pickup / Drop-off 
    Service. Click here for details.
    Short on Time?
       We will pick up your gear,
       treat it, and return it to your
       home or work within 24 hrs!
       Now that's service!

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